The Pocket Survival Kit

A Survival Kit is essential to carry any time that you venture into the wilderness. This kit is intended to serve as part of a complete personal kit when partnered with the Pocket First Aid Kit. Both are sized to be easily carried in cargo pockets or on a belt. The set is designed to meet the BSA Survival Priorities for a single 24 hour survival situation.

Components of the Pocket Survival Kit assembled before packing.
List of the kit components.

Fishing line is wrapped around a small section of index card. Two fish hooks are wrapped under 20 feet of monofilament line. The cards are cut to fit into the kit carrier. A slit is cut into the card edge to secure the monofilament line.

Twine is wrapped around a section of index card in the same fashion. A kit should contain at least 20 feet of plain twine. This kit contains 30 feet of nylon twine.

Place the packets of instant bullion in the bottom of the case, with the zip-ties next arranged around the perimeter of the can. Place the safety pins in a single layer next, in the middle area of the can.

Place the folded plastic bag, place the cards of twine and fishing line next. Wrap duct tape and electrical tape around two or three aluminum nails. Use aluminum nails because aluminum is more maleable than steel nails, and can be used to form arrow points or small edged tools.

Fit the remaining components on top of the carded twine and fishingline and close the top. Place rubberbands placed around the can. Slide one or two packs of mini-chemlights under the rubberbands.

The assembled kit is paired with the Pocket First Aid Kit as a complete survival kit.

The two parts of the complete survival kit can be easily carried in pouches that are fitted with loops for carrying on a belt.

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