The Pocket First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is essential to include with any survival gear. This kit is intended to serve as part of a complete personal kit when partnered with the Pocket Personal Survival Kit. Both are sized to be easily carried in cargo pockets or on a belt. The set is designed to meet the BSA Survival Priorities for a single 24 hour survival situation.

Components of the Pocket First Aid Kit assembled before packing.
List of the kit components.

Initial layering of the components begins with placing the 2x2 gauze pads and adhesive bandages in the bottom of the case. Two large sewing needles are secured to the lid of the case with tape.

Additional components are layed in the case; the alcohol wipes, bandage tape, ibuprofen and antihistamine and anti-diarrhea medications are placed in case. An Immaculate Heart medal (or religious medal or item of your choice) is also placed in the lid. All of the components are placed so that the lid will close without excessive pressure.

The kit case lid is secured with a large rubber band. Half-size note cards are placed in a small plastic zipper lock bag to keep dry.

Bottom view of the kit with the cards in place. There are additional rubber bands placed around the outer edge of the tin.

The assembled kit is secured with a rubber band, with all components in the tin and note cards secured to the bottom of the case.

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