The SurvivorScout Program

The SurvivorScout program is intended to be implemented in a series of sequential steps, beginning at the Webelos level

The Webelos Pathfinder Program:

To introduce a challenging, realistic outdoor based Webelos program, and build a foundation of outdoor skills common throughout the entire Scouting program, and foster excitement in the challenges of the Scouting program.

The Pathfinder Skills Program:

At the Boy Scout level, to build upon the skills learned in Webelos levels and on the foundation of skills required to achieve First Class Scout thru the planning and execution of a realistic skill-based program that teaches and develops the skill set needed for survival in the wilderness.

The SurvivorScout Challenge:

Built on a series of challenges of increasing difficulty, where experienced Boy Scouts are afforded the opportunity apply learned skills in as many situations and environments as possible; and to build competence in primitive outdoor skills as a means of building greater individual confidence, competence, skill teaching ability, and leadership skill. This can be done as part of a series of camping outings, or on a longer trek.
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"Attitude Reflects Leadership"